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Who I Am

I am a family man from Surrey; I love people, dogs, playing tennis, riding bikes, drinking coffee, having fun and thinking deeply. 


I have spent 28 years in a professional career in commercial property. Whilst successful, I have often not felt fully aligned with the outcomes of my work. I regularly sensed there was something else for me, a life purpose, but I could never find what that was. I often felt trapped and that I had no choices.


A simple question led me on a path to discovery. I took time out of each day for myself and started to look inside for answers. It felt to me like waking up and remembering who I was. In doing so, I uncovered things in life that inspired and fulfilled me and my life is changing in many ways. In addition to my property consultancy work, I am now a qualified personal coach, and a mentor and Head of Training for student coaches at Animas School for Coaching. I have also rediscovered a passion for inspiring people through writing and speaking.


My basic philosophy these days is simple


Find yourself

Be yourself

Do what you love


I know from personal experience that achieving these three things can feel like a distant or impossible dream. It took me nearly 28 years to gain the courage to admit to myself this was no longer good enough! I also now know that change is always possible and may be closer than you think.


As a coach, I am dedicated to helping re-introduce people to their real and authentic selves and allowing them to rediscover what it is about life that they love. It is never too late to find freedom, purpose and fulfilment and wake up each day with excitement and anticipation.



What I Do
My Training

My work will facilitate your change. Ask yourself

- are you finding yourself stuck?

- do you sense deep down there is something more for you in life, something you would love and be aligned  to, but can never find what it is?

- have you forgotten what it is to be you?

- are you ready for change?


If so, then I can help you.

As your coach, my work with you will include:

- creating a collaborative space like no other you have in your life. It will be a space of empathy and               authenticity, honesty and humour, support and sharing, challenge and change and acceptance and compassion. It will be a space where magic happens

- clarifying what is important to you and what you believe

- helping you to discover greater purpose, inspiration, fulfilment and motivation in all areas of your life

- uncovering what is holding you back

- giving you the confidence, courage and clarity to take the steps necessary to achieve what you desire


If any of the above speaks to you and if you are ready to be honest, reflect deeply and take action to get the life you really want, then the next step is actually very straightforward. Give me a call or send me a message and let's get a time for a consultation in the diary and see where it takes us.



I trained and qualified with Animas Centre for Coaching (Diploma in Personal Transformation Coaching), recognised by the International Coach Federation and the Association for Coaching.

I am a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF.

I am an accredited Coaching Supervisor (ICCS)

I have further training certificates in Group and Existential Coaching specialisms. 



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"Marcus's greatest strengths are his empathy, his exceptional kindness and his great ability to listen without judging" Charlotte M

I worked with Marcus for three months at a time when I was looking for answers, someone to tell me what to do and how to "fix" myself.  The whole process has been so uplifting and empowering and while the saying sounded cheesy, it really is true that you do hold all the answers yourself, Marcus just helps you to unlock them.  It was so valuable to have this time to reflect on myself and perhaps the most important thing I learnt was that I wasn't broken at all and I didn't need someone to tell me what to do, I merely needed some help finding myself. I never imagined that I would find the strength to leave a job that made me feel so unhappy and find my dream one - but thanks to my time and work with Marcus and his support, here I am!  I look forward to working with Marcus again as I navigate this next chapter of my life. Roanna Blacklock

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